ANYA Cares about TEEG and Homelessness in NECT… Update

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ANYA Cares about TEEG and Homelessness in NECT…

In November ANYA made a commitment to focus our ANYA Cares Campaign to TEEG for a period of three months.  TEEG has a dedicated mission to this large problem in our area that has not been well addressed in our corner of the state.

This evening, with the coldest temperatures so far this winter, the chefs at ANYA are busy preparing a meal for homeless men, women and children in three locations in NECT.  A meal of pasta, soup and bread will be donated by ANYA on January 22nd to three locations in our effort to help where we can with this problem.

Please consider a monetary donation to TEEG. Donations to TEEG can be made at ANYA or on the website

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